We would like to warmly welcome you to the ancient world of Oud! Let us take you back into a brief history of the origin of this precious gift of nature and the numerous benefits and appreciation for it throughout history. What is Agarwood? Oud, Oudh, Aloeswood, Agarwood, Gaharu (different names for the same meaning) is the common name for the tar-like resinous heartwood that forms in the ancient Aquilaria and some Gyrinops species of trees that are native to the dense forests of South East Asia. The heartwood of the tree produces this dark aromatic resin as part of its natural defence mechanism when infected with fungus (Phialophora Parasitica). This resin can be produced either through natural causes of the wild or through the artificial means of inoculating it with resin-inducing substances


Nothing is more fascinating to the Oud-lover that the extraordinary mystery and intrigue behind the scent of Oud. Oud oils have the unique ability to evolve or “mature” with age. Just like wine, a bottle of a relatively young Oud essence now may smell even nicer in two, three years or even months down the road! As for the development of the scent upon application, the Oud scent can have different timelines of maturity - some may evolve over a short period of time while others take longer. For a swift-developing Oud oil, users may be able to detect a change in the scent notes from first application to just minutes or an hour or more later. The initial scent whiffed from the opening of the Oud bottle can be generally termed as the “opening note”, and thereafter, as the oil oxidises and develops, comes the “middle note” and the “end note” or "dry down". And this is the development on the immediate range. Where the whole scent profile of the Oud is concerned, Oud's unique attribute makes it such that the Oud that you smell today may have a markedly different smell and scent notes if you were to have a whiff of it a few years later. This interesting nature of the scent of the Oud coupled with its highly prized value have led many to regard Oud as a great investment item.


We pledge the quality and excellence of our products and lend our utmost efforts in providing our valued customers with an enriching Oud experience. We don’t want to give you good Oud, we want to give you great Oud. As a premium supplier of high quality Oud fragrances and woods, Sultanul Oud strives hard and diligently to source for only the highest grades of agarwood and Oud Oils. To better educate you on what Sultanul Oud can offer, allow us to first tell you more about the grades of agarwood and the precise art of agarwood distillation.


The high worldwide demand for agarwood has caused its chief producers – the trees of the Aquilaria and Gyrinops genus – to become a threatened species. Over the past decades, over-harvesting has caused Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees to be uprooted at extremely fast-paced rates, rates much quicker than are ideal to secure the long-term sustainability of these species and the continual supply of agarwood. The limited supply of agarwood is further emphasized by the added fact that not all Aquliaria and Gyrinops trees produce resin (there are more than 20 different species of the Aquilaria which are known to produce resin), and even within these agarwood-producing species


Elegant enough to be burned for the most formal of occasions and yet most suitable to be fumigated and enjoyed in your every day. They are at your service - whether for the scenting of your self, home and wardrobe, or to achieve a state of calmness and meditation through theirpsychoactive effect - these are our choice selections for Sultanul Oud's premium Oud woods. Our stock is limited and always changing, and especially so for those that are dark and sourced from the wild, so place your order while stocks last.